University of Bonn & Paderborn University


University of Bonn & Paderborn University

Spend a Semester in the Heart of Europe

Beethoven's hometown. Oktoberfest. Bundesliga games. Christmas markets. The Rhine River. Half-timber houses. The birthplace of Haribo gummies. The hidden gems to explore in Germany are boundless and seem to emerge around every corner. Choose Bonn or Paderborn as your base to complete courses. Find yourself quickly making friends from around the world as you set out to discover a new way of thinking in the "old world".

At a Glance

Partner Institution

University of Bonn or Paderborn University


Fall (Oct-Feb), Spring (Feb-June)

Number of Courses

1-6 courses

Course Category

GenEd required, Major required, GenEd electives and Major electives

Class Eligibility

Completed 45-75 credit hours (sophomores and juniors)

Minimum GPA


Language Pre-requisite

For courses taught in German, A German B1 level is recommended.

Language of Instruction

Selection of classes offered in German or English

Course Pre-requisite(s)

Dependent on courses selected, but most have no prereq


Piedmont tuition, room/board

*Financial Aid may apply. Please see Financial Aid for your specific cost.

**Accommodation supplement may apply depending on accommodation chosen.

Included in Cost

Tuition, accommodation

Housing Options

Dorm room suit

Program Capacity


Program Contact

Dr. Hugh Davis (

Activity Level


Application Deadline

5/1 (Fall), 10/1 (Spring)

What to Expect in Paderborn

What to Expect in Bonn

Courses Available

Paderborn Univesity

  • Students are invited to take any courses offered at the university, whether they are taught in English or German.

University of Bonn

  • Students can take a wide variety of courses at the University of Bonn.
  • Many study abroad students take courses in the "International Classroom Bonn" program, although you are not limited to these courses.

Next Steps



before departure

Talk to your Piedmont Advisors about your circumstances.

  • Financial Aid can help you nail down the exact cost of each program for you. During the fall or spring semesters, your Scholarships and Financial Aid will likely apply.
  • Your Academic Advisor can make sure you are taking classes that keep you track to graduate.
  • Career Services will give you advice about how to make the most of your experience. Travel study is a great way to build employable skills and begin to fill up your resume. Having a plan before you leave is the best way to get the most out of the experience.

Apply for a Passport

  • At times it can take 6-8 months for your passport application to be processed, so apply early.
  • If you already have a passport, check to make sure that it does not expire within 6 months of your RETURN date. You may not be allowed into Germany by immigration officials if it expires in less than 6 months.

Apply for Scholarships

  • See Travel Study Director for some scholarships that may be able to help you pay for your travel study experience.
  • Consider applying for a frequent flyer program. You will be responsible for purchasing your own flight. Frequent flyer miles can add up quickly and may help you keep the costs low.



before departure

Complete a nomination packet.

  • You'll need to collect some information for the packet, which may take some time. You can't start this part of the process too early.
    • Unofficial Transcript
    • Personal Narrative
    • Advisor's Letter of Recommendation
    • Copy of Passport



before departure

Register for classes.

  • Let the Director of Travel Study know what classes you would like to take.

Book your flight.

  • The prices tend to increase significant 60 days before departure. To get the best price, you can register for alerts from sites like or Going (formerly Scott's Cheap Flights).